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Press Kit: About

Fact Sheet

  • Developed By: iNightGaming LLC

  • Platforms: PC (Steam)

  • Language(s): English

  • Release Date: June 21st 2022

  • Started Development: July 14th 2021

  • Contact E-Mail:

  • Social: Twitter, Twitch

Press Kit: About


"A TEARABLE game with CUTTING-edge gameplay"

The Paper Game is a creation containing all the joys and wonders of tearing paper, with only a fraction of the mess! What more have you ever wanted in a game themed around paper?

Click and drag your mouse, tearing through classic 8.5" x 11" sheets. Race against the clock, cutting through "objective" stickers, all the while avoiding various enemies and weaving around deceptively eye-catching stickers. Be careful not to cut any other stickers, otherwise your paper will ignite and your run will end! Doing well rewards you with stars, unlocking new sticker packs, paper types, funny additions and INKredible paper puns!



Fun concept who doesn't like ripping paper?

Unique Premise do you know of any game themed around tearing papers to shreds?

Fluid controls helping the player get immersed in their paper-tearing experience

101 Tearable paper puns making others jealous with how funny and well-versed you are in paper jokes

Wide array of fun stickers allowing players a diverse range of uniquely-themed levels

Fun variants offer many challenges which require the player to change how they think with each level 

Extremely satisfying paper sounds provides the player with immensely pleasing paper ASMR created entirely in-house

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