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Deceptively simple, reaction-based platformer, where you fling E’Square through the scenic Square Scape while dodging unique enemies to gather colorful Pixels and fly as high as you can!


Easy to pick up and rewarding to master, you’ll soon discover why SwipeScape was voted “Most Addicting Game” of Indy PopCon 2018.

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Easy to pick up and rewarding to master - with a swipe of your finger, you’re playing like a pro! SwipeScape takes mere seconds to understand and rewards players who master its swiping mechanics.

Responsiveness is key. E’Square goes exactly where you tell him, when you tell him! The fast-paced, adaptive game controls come naturally, making even the most casual gamer feel like they ARE the Square.


Link up your Twitch profile and compete against your friends and viewers of your favorite streamers! SwipeScape’s online play and unique social feature offer a whole new way to experience competition! Click here for more info.

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A wide range of daily and lifetime achievements, all with unique rewards to acquire. Completing your goals may reward you with special items, providing you with a clear set of objectives as you traverse the Scape.

A variety of enemies prowl the Square Scape on the lookout for our little E’Square. With unique, game-changing mechanics, enemies like Boombs and Squimps create new and interesting obstacles every time you play! Can you get past them to challenge the boss, SquareRoot?

Are you a pro gamer looking for a competitive speedrun experience? How about a frantic flicker who likes collecting as many points as you can before times up? Perhaps I can interest you in some calm, soothing endless gameplay? If you answered yes and/or no to any of these questions, then SwipeScape's the game for you!

Over 100 unique items, and a vast array of colors, allowing for nearly infinite customization!Find chests scattered throughout the Scape to collect blueprints, gather pixels, and craft the most expressive Square the world has ever seen! Crazy or cute, you can mix and match clothing to customize your Square’s outfit down to the color of each item!

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January 2018 Playtest Results

The January playtest has concluded, and with that, I must extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated! Not only did I learn a lot more ways to improve the game, but I got to see so many people enjoy the game in person! You guys are unbelievable!

  • Players: 89

  • Runs: 34,780

  • Swipes: 775,066

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