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Welcome to something awesome!

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Who is iNightGaming?

An indie developer with a certain "set of skills," which simply enjoys making things, included but are not limited to: [Awesome] Games.


Founded by Kyle | 'Nightfall', iNightGaming strives to create fun and engaging games which we're glad to share with you! The journey is the fun part, so let's make something awesome!

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A never-before-seen take on the chess genre. Build massively overpowered decks to fend off endless hordes of chess-like pieces and seek out the 8 Grandmasters in this open-world roguelike experience.

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An arcade-style game containing all the joys and wonders of tearing paper, with only a fraction of the mess! What more have you ever wanted in a game themed around paper?

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2D Mobile Platformer which provides fast-paced and addictingly competitive gameplay, accompanied with a fun and cutesy art style.

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Please direct any and all questions, comments, concerns, complaints, requests and/or inquiries using this handy-dandy little window! With this, you are given the power to send the mightiest of messages, and get the answers you seek!

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